The primary goal of AL-SAYF AL-THAHBEY CO. FOR TRADING & IMP, EXP. LTD is to source refined petroleum products from private companies, production companies, oil majors and national governments The petroleum products our major buyers purchase include, but are not limited.

  1. Light Crude Oil- LCO, Heavy Crude Oil- HCO, D6, D2, LPG, LNG, Aviation Jet Fuel (JP54, JA‐1, JA‐8 & TS-1), Gas‐Oil products (ULSD, 50 PPM & EN590), drilling and well services, explorations.
  2. Practicing all trading work and contractors furthermore, importing – Exporting, Marketing –supplying, submitting all trading and Engineering advisers.
  3. The company have a good team of workers (Engineering and trading managers) also we have many dealing with Foreign and Arabian companies and we have in full ready to submit all facilities to work with them.
  4. We have deal with the most of the Ministries: Ministry of defense, Oil, Housing & building, Ministry of electric, transportation& Communications, Ministry of health, agricultures and Ministry of Trade, through a special staff of engineering and experts.
  5. We have the opportunity to rebuild the (IMD) with our staff and engineers from the (EAO).
  6. Our capital reach (500,000,000) $ and we have another good resource through our mutual trust with the foreigner companies.
  7. We are ready to (all kind of food, meat and eggs, repair or rehabilitation of power generation facilities, electrical grids, municipal water systems, sewage systems, the dredging and the communications systems).
  8. We build trust with our clients by delivering the works on our promises, this feeling is enhanced by AL-SAYF AL-THAHBEY CO. FOR TRADING & IMP, EXP. ‘s strong adherence to the quality of integrity, honesty and craftsmanship.
  9. Our company represent in the country, AKADIA for trading & contracting,


  1. We has made the below contracts with MOT (Ministry of Trade) Food Stuff, Also with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior Company: –
  1. Cheddar Cheese contract No.14/2004 at 9/5/2004, contract amount=31,300,000 US dollars
  2. Detergents Powder Supplying Contract No.24/2004 at 27/5/2004, contract amount 63,220,000$
  3. Soups supplying contract No.11/2004 at 30/5/2004, contract amount 38,500,000$
  4. Adult Milk Powder supplying contact 7/2004 at 16/5/2004, contract amount 21,350,000$.
  5. Sugar Supplying contract No.23/2004 at 20/11/2004, contract amount 41,200,000 $

And other with Minister of interior (Directorate of contract)

The contract No. is: 18/2007 Dated at 22, Sep, 07, contract amount 21,272,500,000 ID IRAQ.