Our Services

AL-SAYF AL-THAHBEY CO. FOR TRADING & IMP, EXP. services cover the full range of refined oil products from around the world using our transparent and market-appropriate methodologies. From key refined product prices in Europe, Russian Federation, Iraq – Iran and UAE, to the emerging fuel markets in South American, Middle East, Europe and Africa, we have the industry-specific insights to provide the high-level analysis and pricing that our customers can rely on.

Explore some of our services: D6, D2, LPG, LNG, Aviation Jet Fuel (JP54, JA‐1, JA‐8 & TS-1), Gas‐Oil products (ULSD, 50 PPM & EN590), Light Crude Oil, Heavy Crude Oil, BLCO,

ABDUL HAKEEM FARAJ ASSI ( Bio ) Chief Executive Officer of AL SAYF AL THAHABY TRADING COMPANY, a member of Baghdad Chamber of Commerce for General Trade, under the registration #199767, for over 25 (twenty five) years,and Registration No. 10626 in ministry of Trade – Iraq- Baghdad .

Dealing to the import of food products to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and the export of petroleum and its byproducts from Iraq ,Iran and Russia to worldwide markets, having several supply contracts attending the Ministry of Trade, Oil and Defense of Iraq and to other Middle Eastern countries.

Mr. Hakeem Al Esawe has a bachelor’s degree from the Iraqi Ministry of Defense Academy of Iraq (The first military college.No. 73 cycle) and he possesses a vast experience in the field , is an expert certified by Salam Company in supplying Agricultural Equipment, has a certificate from D.E.C.O. Company for supplying agricultural tools, equipment, chemicals and Member of Human rights main office -Baghdad ID# 30. and other products such as agricultural vehicles, spare parts, and construction equipment. While working in the military, Mr. Hakeem Al Esawe became an expert with petroleum drilling, crude oil, and explorations.

we expect to be able to better supply Iraq and the Middle East with food commodities and any other commodity available to us and necessary to them.